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Many of the resources used to create the Albin Vega Club website were provided by the late Steve Birch. For more than twenty years Steve contributed an enormous amount of time and effort to support the Albin Vega community both online and in person. Steve was an avid supporter of the RNLI, if you have found this site helpful please consider donating to the RNLI. Click here to go to the RNLI site.

Albin Vega – A modern, fast, roomy ocean cruiser.

Hull: 11mm Polyester
Keel: Semi-Long
Rigging: Masthead Sloop
LOA: 27.08ft / 8.25m
Beam: 8.08ft / 2.46m
Displacement: 2,300 kg
Number Built: 3450
Builder: Albin Marine AB
CE Mark: n/a
Origin: Sweden
Designer: Per Brohall

The Albin Vega, also called the Albin Vega 27, is a world-famous long-keel Swedish sailboat. It was designed by Per Brohäll and built by Albin Marine. Approximately 3,450 Albin Vega were built between 1965 and 1979.

 Originally the Albin Vega was designed as a safe family cruiser but over time the Vega has become known as an economical “go anywhere” blue water cruiser. Many notable passages have been completed in an Albin Vega including Jarle Andhøy’s passage to Antarctica and Matt Rudderfords non stop solo circumnavigation of North and South America.

A review in “Blue Water Boats” noted, “By all accounts, the Vega under sail handles easily and is a well-balanced creature with no weather helm. Despite her shallow draft she is reported to point well to windward and while tender initially up to around 10 to 15 degrees of heel she carries full sail easily up to 20 knots. She’s a fast boat downwind but offshore cruisers would do well to carry a large spinnaker or drifter for light airs”.

Over the past 55 years, the Albin Vega has attracted an almost cult following among owners from all over the world. There are currently active Albin Vega associations in The Netherlands, Denmark, Sweden & Germany. Many Albin Vega owners are active on the “Albin Vega” Facebook group.

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